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6 Best Tourist Destinations in Myanmar: Country of Rich Culture

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For the past few decades, Myanmar which was earlier known as Burma is considered as one of the best tourist destinations because of having some top most tourist attractions. The country is indeed a heaven on earth. The country is enriched with diverse culture and vibrant festivals. Since, Burma is sandwiched between the mainstays of Southeast Asia and India, it is quite natural that the country bears the culture of India as well as other countries, situated beside it. Therefore, if you pay a visit to Myanmar, you may notice a perfect blend of the culture here.

There are numerous pagodas, carved stupa and temples everywhere in this place that can make you spellbound. The fascinating Buddhist pagodas and relics have the power to cast a spell over you. Some of the famous tourist destinations of Burma are given below; let’s have a look at these before paying a visit to this place.

1) Bagan

Breathtaking views of Bagan make it stay on the top of the list of the best places of Burma. Visiting Burma remains incomplete if you do not visit this place. Moreover, if you take help from any reputed Myanmar travel agency, it can be assured that you would enjoy the trip in a vibrant way. In Bagan, you can see more than 2000 religious monuments. All the old edifices show you how grand the Myanmar kings were once.

2) Mandalay

The city has many things to offer that can make your jaw to drop. The city is considered as the religious and economic center of Upper Myanmar. Mandalay was once considered as the capital that founded by King Mindon in 1857. As was once regarded as the capital, this city is enriched with Buddhist monuments and historical memorials. One of the attractions is, the Royal Court, which was once the seat of the Konebaung Dynasty.

3) Yangon

Yangon is one of the best cities of Burma; Myanmar travel tour will be more exciting if you visit the city. Some of the striking places of Yangon are the Shwedagon Pagoda, the Supreme Court, Strand Hotel, High Court and so on. In this respect, it can be said that there are several reputed hotels available in this city and if you visit this city, you may stay in any reputed hotel here to have the best travel experience.

4) Kyaiktiyo

The city is the abode of the most revered relic of Buddha. Here you can come across the Golden Rock that holds a great amount of religious significance. The rock is covered with the gold leaf and this attracts the travelers.

5) Ngapali

The country has no sand strand stretch as famous as Ngapali. If you fancy finding yourself on a deserted beach, then Ngapali is the best place for you where you will find complete desolation and serenity.

6) Inle Lake

The prime attractions of this lake are the serene boat tours, the breezes, and the leg rowing fish catchers. Here you can find the houses of the Intha people. The clear water of the lake, the Blue Mountains fill your heart with calmness.

Therefore, these are the top tourist destinations of Burma. Pay a visit to these places and refresh your mind with the serene atmosphere and rich culture of Myanmar.

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