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Myanmar: From Wondrous Destinations to Delectable Dishes

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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is located in Southeast Asia, and has recently turned into an exceptional travel destination. Although Myanmar has a rich and diverse culture, it has remained cursed for decades due to its brutal and dictatorial regime. The most fascinating feature about Myanmar is that it never fails to disappoint its visitors because this spectacular location treasures plentiful surprises for them. You could always discover a new aspect of Burma each time you pay a visit to this mesmerizing country. Apart from the enthralling sightseeing destinations, Burmese art and cuisine has also acquired wide recognition among the travelers.

Breathtaking Locations of Myanmar

While planning a tour to Myanmar, it is important to travel to the enchanting destinations located throughout this mysterious country. Some of the most desirable locations are mentioned below in brief:

1. Yangon- It is considered as the most exciting destinations of Myanmar, which attracts a large number of travelers from all over the world. Initially known as Rangoon, this location is the largest metropolis as well as a pivot of commercialism and intellectualism. Shwedagon Paya, a stupendous Buddhist monument is the prominent attraction of Yangon. Embellished with shimmering gold, it is sure to amaze the travelers. In Yangon, you could admire some of the impressive colonial architecture of Southeast Asia.

2. Mandalay-Mandalay is the second-largest city of Myanmar and is referred as its cultural capital. Travelers on their trip to Mandalay could find the reflection of Bamar culture in all its monasteries, teahouses, pagodas and workshops. The majestic Mandalay hill lying at an altitude of 790 ft. is the most eminent attraction here. On top of this hill, a pagoda named Sutaungpyei is located. Local people believe this structure to be a wish-fulfilling pagoda. Travellers could enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city from this hill

3. Bagan- Bagan is referred as the temple town of Myanmar, which attracts a significant number of tourists from all over the world. Not only the religious establishments but also the grandeur of the buildings located at Bagan is sure to cast a magic spell on its travellers. The noteworthy cultural sites located here include Ananda temple, Bupaya pagoda, Dhammayazika pagoda, Mahabodhi temple, Manuha temple and many more.

Delicious Cuisine of Myanmar


Travellers on their Myanmar travel tour could also enjoy the unique cuisine of Myanmar. The prominent feature of Burmese dishes is the large-scale use of fish products such as dried seafood, dried prawn and fish sauce. Visitors could also enjoy variety of salads, which are made with starches such as rice, wheat, glass noodles, ginger, potato, tomato, pickled tea leaves and fish paste. Scrumptious cuisine and enchanting destinations make Myanmar most alluring to the travelers.


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