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Why Visit Bagan- Top reasons to explore this temple city

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Bagan is a beautiful place in Myanmar where every tourist tries makes a visit. This is a wonderful city having huge tourist demand, especially in the summer months. If you are visiting Myanmar, then it will be like missing out the best part of Myanmar if you are not visiting Bagan. Some of the reasons why you should visit Myanmar are as follows.

When I visited Bagan last year, the weather was perfect and there was nothing to complain about. The weather was romantic, as I would say and the place is away from the humdrum of the city. My guide has insisted that we should visit this place on bike. Though reluctant in the first instance, I took a bike to Bagan. What I noticed was that most of the people take a bike tour to Bagan. To be honest, I was really mesmerized and awestruck to find this beautiful place with wild landscape. We parked our bike beside a deserted temple with decaying brick. The wildness and the ancient smell of the building was something like a dream. Bagan is a place like the same we have heard in fairy tales and I am sure that you will be enjoying every part of Bagan when you visit the place. So, ask your Myanmar travel agent to include Bagan in your tour package.

Things that you can expect to find in Bagan are-

Feel like an explorer

There are fewer tourists in Bagan than other places. This land is cut off from the busy and monotonous life of the city. The place has a rich touch of ancient culture. You would find the monks still burning grasses and the women carrying loads, ox-drawn carts are moving in the field. All these would give you the feeling of a calm and sound village life that is on the verge of undergoing improvement.

Ancient temples and monasteries

Riding through the dusty road, you will find numerous temples. The crumbling dark stairwells, the old paintings, and the Buddha architectures are something that will be greeting you at each temple that you make a visit.

The preserved culture

Near By Paya in old Bagan, you will find local people and monks are there. The monks come in procession to take alms from the locals. You will also see that many children have become monks for the free education.

So, when you travel to Myanmar do not hesitate to connect with the friendly locals. They are very friendly people and will surely make you feel comfortable at the first instant. Others things that you will find there are good food at affordable cost of living.

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